Our Services

Commercial Cleaning
Primed for small to large businesses

Tailored to your needs, our personalised, proactive cleaning service represents quality, value for money & environmental sustainability.

Project Cleaning
Primed for any project

With over 25 years of knowledge across multiple industries, if your business has it, our Specialist Project team know how to clean it.

Hygiene Solutions
Primed for better workplace health

We deliver all washroom service requirements to create a more healthy, hygienic solution for your bathroom facilities.

Emergency Response
Primed for action 24/7

Providing quick and effective solutions for all your emergency requirements, our reliable, timely and experienced team is always on call to get you back in business.

Commercial Cleaning

Primed for small to large businesses

As the prime cleaning company of choice for many major organisations throughout Australia, we stay ahead of our competitors by continuously improving our solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Trust and communication play a big role in our success, and through our Customer Relationship Management online system, we are 100% accountable for the quality of service and reporting on our cleaning services.

We take special care of your business and your assets, and our dedicated site supervisors, account managers and operational staff are always on hand to ensure your service is delivered in a timely, quality manner.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, our extensive cleaning services cover offices, high rise buildings, child care facilities, warehouses, retail outlets, medical facilities, manufacturing premises, government premises and child care facilities.

Project Cleaning

Primed for any project

Our project cleaning division specialises in making your business look its best.
We employ a highly skilled and experienced team who are dedicated to maintaining your business premises inside and out. Our scope of services includes:
  • High pressure cleaning of footpaths
  • High pressure cleaning of shopfronts
  • Supply and install anti-slip coatings
  • External window detailing and cleaning
  • Detail cleaning of commercial signage
  • Clean and rubbish/litter management
  • High pressure clean and degreasing of carparks
  • Petroleum site cleaning - Canopy Cleaning, Façade Cleaning & Fuel Bowser Cleaning
  • Graffiti removal - Line Marking
  • Industrial / warehouse cleaning
  • End of construction “Builders Clean”
  • 24/7 emergency response cleaning
  • Cleaning of internal windows
  • Machine scrub floors
  • Strip and sealing of floors
  • Detail clean of toilet facilities

Hygiene Solutions

Primed for best practice

Increasing health and hygiene standards in your bathroom delivers a more positive washroom experience for your staff and customers. We source and adopt leading- edge solutions that minimise the risk of bacteria and create a healthy workplace. Whether you are a small facility or large-scale commercial business, Prime is your go-to cleaning company for superior bathroom cleaning.
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Scent & Odour Control
  • Bathroom & Urinal Deep Cleans
  • Soap Dispensing Services
  • Hand Drying Solutions

Emergency Response

Primed for immediate action

In any business, time is money. And when unforeseen events occur, a quick response is vital in order to prevent secondary damage to your property and further impact your business.

With our emergency response service providing 24/7 flood and fire restoration, our goal is to minimise any costly disruptions to your business.

Our qualified teams offer prompt and professional services that assist in rebuilding and restoring your premises, so if the unexpected should happen, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re here to help you get back to business in no time.

We provide solutions and remediation services for:

Water Damage

When properties experience heavy rain fall and flash flooding the risk of property and asset damage increases causing financial burden by damaged building infrastructure, flooring, house hold appliance’s and furnishings.

Other common cases of water damage occur from building defects i.e. slow leaks from roof structures or faulty house hold appliances, fire sprinkler systems, broken pipes and plumbing equipment or the overflowing of bath tubs, basins and washing machines. As soon as a property experience water damage it’s important to start the water extraction and drying process immediately to best prevent secondary damage.

Mould is the most common secondary damage that occurs post water loss to a property. The remediation process must be undertaken once the property has been dried, because of the possible health risks associated with water damage the earlier Prime can be contacted the earlier damage can be mitigated and contents can be salvaged.

Prime qualified IICRCS500 technicians have been trained to international standards in the water, sewage and drying remediation process.

Mould Remediation

Water or sewage contaminated buildings that have been wet for an extended period, or have been chronically wet, can develop mould contamination.

Exposure to damp and mouldy environments may cause a variety of health effects. Some people are sensitive to moulds. For these people, moulds can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. People with mould allergies may have more severe reactions. Immune-compromised people and people with chronic lung illnesses may get serious infections in their lungs when they are exposed to mould. These people should stay away from areas contaminated with mould.

Mould persists in poorly ventilated areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and crawlspaces, there are a varity of species of mould all consisting of different colours and textures. If mould is not treated to a standard of care, mould can be destructive to property and signifcant health risks to humans and pets.

Prime qulaified IICRC S520 technicians have been trained to international standards in the mould remediation process.