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We’re helping Australian businesses get back to business safely.

We understand the impact this pandemic is having on Australian businesses. In these times of uncertainty, we are here to give you a reliable same-day emergency response. We are here to protect your staff and community, no matter your industry or location.

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    Our #CleaningHeroes

    “We are here to support each other, especially our frontline cleaning staff and Emergency Response team who are working tirelessly to contain the virus” – Damien Smith, CEO

    Like all of the frontline heroes who are playing a critical role in the fight against Covid-19, we recognise our cleaners for selflessly taking on the additional risk and responsibility required to keep our workplaces and community facilities safe.

    As a businesses, we are working to protect our frontline cleaners by providing accredited HAZMAT specific training, conducting thorough risk assessments before entering a job site and by providing additional PPE and on site supervision.

    If you’d like to join us in showing your support to our #cleaningheroes, please email your messages to and we’ll ensure they get passed along.

    Deep Impact
    Covid-19 Clean

    For businesses that have a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19, our same day Deep Impact Covid-19 Clean protects your staff and customers whilst minimising operational disruptions.

    As an IICRC (S500/S520) – infection control accredited business, our highly trained Emergency Response crew systematically isolate and chemically sanitise all surfaces, inclusive of fixtures, fittings and operating equipment. Our service is backed by our Prime Protection certificate of compliance, providing you with the reassurance that your staff, customers and business has been protected.

    • Same day emergency response
    • 24/7 support line
    • Chemicals and processes that kill 99.9% of germs
    • Prime Protection certificate of compliance

    High Frequency
    Touchpoint Protection

    To protect your staff and customers against a potential Covid-19 outbreak, our targeted cleaning service combats cross or current contamination by periodically sterilising your businesses high frequency touchpoints.

    After identifying the surfaces, fixtures and fittings most likely to transfer Covid-19, including shared kitchens, toilets, meeting areas and staff working points, we implement a cleaning schedule that utilising hospital grade disinfectants to maintain a safe working environment.

    • Tailored Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Plan (CRMP)
    • High frequency sensitisation with approved Covid-19 chemicals
    • IICRC certified (S500/S520) – infection control specialists
    • Prime Protection certificate of compliance

    Prime Protection Certification Program

    • Provides peace of mind to compliance officers

    • Clean signed-off by a senior Emergency Response Technician

    • Evidence of industry certifications and chemical approval

    • Included with every Covid-19 clean we do

    Workplace Risk Assessment

    To protect your business against a Covid-19 outbreak, our Workplace Risk Assessments outlines the tailored actions your management team and staff need to take to reduce potential transmission and how to minimise the impact if an infectious event does occur.

    We understand the impact an outbreak can have on your staff and business and have seen first hand the benefits of including an infectious control strategy as part of your business’s continuity plan. By acting proactively, you give our Emergency Response Technicians the ability to plan for your specific needs and risks, including:

    • 1: Scenario
    • 2: Response Strategy
    • 3: Implementation Plan
    • 4: Operational Support Plan
    • 5: Prepares Plan
    • 6: Budget

    Return to Work Safely

    Prime Group is here to assist with making return to work plans and guidelines to make your staff feel safe and you as a business feel empowered that you are following the “right” guidelines to ensure a smooth transition and get you back in business fast. How?

    • Beginning with a workplace risk assessment done through our accredited Emergency response division.
    • Deep clean of the premises prior to staff returning.
    • Revision of current cleaning specification to ensure it is in-line with accommodating a workforce that has changes i.e. rotation of employees.
    • Ensuring there is a high touchpoint disinfection plan incorporated into daily cleaning duties.
    • Assisting you with new prevention norms – hand washing signs, social distancing, provision of masks, provision of disinfectant wipes, installation of hand sanitising stations.
    • Provision of Prime Protection certificate of compliance.

    Our Prime Protection program protects your staff and business

    • Best practice professional cleaners

    • IICRC (S500/S520) – infection control accredited cleaners

    • Chemicals and processes that kill 99.9% of germs

    • Provides you with a certificate of compliance

    Never in our 25 years of service has the role of a cleaner being so crucial in keeping Australians in business. We are doing everything we can to work together with our clients to reduce the risks.

    Kasia Wrzesinski, Director

    Protection Equipment

    Talk to us about sourcing protection equipment for your business.


    70% ethanol hand sanitiser
    (pump bottle or travel pack)
    Qty: 500ml / 50ml

    Face Masks

    3-ply disposable surgical masks
    with ear loops.
    Qty: 50pcs


    Quality disposable vinyl gloves
    (small, medium, large)
    Qty: 100 pp, 10 packs per carton


    Hospital-grade disinfectant chemicals
    (bulk or spray).
    Qty: 5L / 500ml spray bottle