In early April Prime Group made a special effort to thank all our Operations team members with messages of support and encouragement to different employees at our company.

These included:

Thanking the operations team for continually putting themselves at risk during these times in order to sanitise and disinfect as many areas as possible, mitigating the virus and helping the community stay safe.

Thanking Todd for running the COVID Emergency Response Division and working tirelessly to reach as many sites as possible.

And most importantly, a big THANK YOU to our Amazing cleaning staff for making people safe.

Prime Group are in this together.

thank you prime group

Your partners in maintaining a healthy workplace, we are here to assist your current cleaners in maintaining a healthy workplace. Our aim is to reduce the chances of infection and the spread of the virus in your workplace. With our expertise in the area of HAZMAT we are here to work together to achieve a safer and healthier environment for your business.