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Kasia Wrzesinski

BA Commerce (Strategic Management) – Monash University Clayton Campus

“Our philosophy has always been to become an extension of your business, assisting in your success by delivering a quality work environment for your staff.”

Kasia and her family founded Prime Group in 1996. She has assisted in the growth, management and leadership of Prime Group for it to become one of the leading commercial cleaning companies servicing clients nationally and in New Zealand.

Her technical background in the commercial cleaning industry has supported Prime Group in : human resource planning, quality control and measurement of clientele satisfaction as well as assisting clients with tailored programs to address their needs.

Kasia believes the two key factors that set Prime Group apart from its competitors are: the company’s solid understanding of critical issues relating to commercial cleaning and the clear, well managed training and induction processes the business has in place. These features in turn, help the company attract and retain quality labour.

Phone : +880 123 456 789

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